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In the bustling city of Toronto, the challenge of maintaining clear drains is a task that both homeowners and businesses frequently face. MasterDrain, a revered name in the service industry, stands out by offering unmatched expertise in drain cleaning in Toronto. Our team of professional plumbers is well-equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge to tackle any plumbing problem, ensuring that your drainage system functions flawlessly. We specialize in addressing issues ranging from simple drain clogs to more complex sewer cleaning services, all within the GTA.

Our comprehensive suite of services includes everything from emergency solutions for sudden clogged drains to regular drain cleaning services designed to prevent future blockages. We understand the intricacies of draining systems in Toronto, where the mix of old and modern infrastructure can often lead to unique drain issues. Whether it’s a main drain backup or a kitchen drain blockage, our Toronto plumbers are ready to provide swift, effective solutions.

Choosing MasterDrain means opting for a drain service that prioritizes your needs, ensuring that your drain system is maintained to the highest standards. Our commitment to quality professional drain cleaning and repair services in Toronto is evident in every job we undertake, big or small.


Basement Drain Backing Up & Flooding Preventing

Basement Drain Backing Up & Flooding Preventing

Emergency Snaking & Clearing a Clogged Drain

Emergency Snaking & Clearing a Clogged Drain

Sewer & Drain Camera Inspection

Low Water Pressure Solutions

Low Water Pressure Solutions

New Drain Pipes Installation

New Drain Pipes Installation

Backup Battery for Sump Pump Installation

Backup Battery for Sump Pump Installation

Sewer Backwater Valve Installation

Sewer Backwater Valve Installation

Replacing lead pipe or galvanized pipe to copper pipes in Toronto

Replacing lead pipe or galvanized pipe to copper pipes in Toronto

Drain Locating, Replacement & Repair Contractor

Drain Locating, Replacement & Repair Contractor

Building Trap Removal

Building Trap Removal

Emergency Solutions for Clogged Drains

When a clogged drain or toilet strikes unexpectedly, it can lead to significant inconvenience and potential water damage. MasterDrain offers emergency services to address clogged drains swiftly, ensuring that Toronto residents and business owners can rest assured knowing help is just a call away. Our rapid response team is ready 24/7 to tackle any emergency, utilizing tools like drain snakes to unclog drains efficiently, minimizing damage and restoring functionality as efficiently as possible.

master-drain-service_0000_Clogged Drains

Utilizing advanced diagnostic tools like sewer and drain camera inspections, we quickly identify the root cause of the blockage. This precise approach not only saves time but also ensures the most effective repair method is employed. Whether it’s a clogged kitchen sink drain or a blocked sewer line, our plumbers are prepared to handle any situation with professionalism and speed.

The importance of timely intervention cannot be overstated. Ignored or improperly handled clogs can escalate, causing sewage backups and extensive damage to your plumbing system. Our emergency solutions are designed to prevent such outcomes, offering peace of mind and safeguarding your property from further issues.

Regular Maintenance

For those looking to avoid the hassle of unexpected drain problems, we offer regular drain cleaning services. Keeping your plumbing system in top condition is crucial, and with our help, you can prevent the common causes of blockages and ensure your drains remain clear. Our commitment to providing quality drain services in Toronto extends to both emergency responses and proactive maintenance plans, catering to the unique needs of both residential and commercial properties.

Advanced Diagnostic Tools: Sewer and Drain Camera Inspection

In the realm of plumbing, accuracy is key to diagnosing and resolving issues. MasterDrain employs state-of-the-art sewer and drain camera inspection techniques to visually inspect the interiors of pipes. This technology allows us to pinpoint problems within the drain or sewer lines, such as tree root intrusion, grease buildup, or breaks in the pipe. Camera inspections are a cornerstone of our diagnostic process, ensuring that we can offer targeted solutions without unnecessary excavation or guesswork.


This non-invasive method provides a real-time view of the condition of your plumbing system, enabling our technicians to make informed decisions about the best course of action. Whether dealing with routine drain maintenance or investigating a complex blockage, camera inspections help us deliver high-quality, precise services.

Beyond identifying current issues, these inspections can reveal potential future problems, allowing for preventative measures to be taken. This proactive approach can save Toronto homeowners and businesses significant time, money, and hassle by avoiding the escalation of minor issues into major ones.

Addressing Low Water Pressure: Effective Solutions

Low water pressure can be a frustrating issue for many, affecting everything from showering to watering the garden. MasterDrain understands the impact of low water pressure on daily life and offers effective solutions to restore optimal flow. Causes of low water pressure can range from clogged pipes to issues with the municipal water supply. Our plumbers conduct thorough assessments to identify the cause and develop a tailored solution, including drain repair when necessary.

Low Water Pressure


In some cases, the solution may involve cleaning or replacing sections of pipe compromised by buildup or corrosion. For homes with older plumbing systems, upgrading pipes from lead or galvanized materials to copper can significantly improve water pressure and quality. Our team specializes in such upgrades, ensuring a seamless transition to more efficient and safer plumbing materials.

Sump pumps are another area of our expertise, particularly in preventing basement flooding. Installing a backup battery for your sump pump is a preventative measure that can save a lot of stress and expense. MasterDrain’s plumbers are adept at recommending and installing the right sump pump solutions for your home, including backup systems that operate during power outages, ensuring your basement stays dry.

Sump Pump Solutions: Backup Battery Installation

Toronto’s climate can bring heavy rains and floods, making sump pumps an essential component of any home’s flood prevention strategy. MasterDrain offers expert sump pump solutions, including the installation of backup battery systems. These backups ensure that your pump continues to operate during power outages, a common occurrence during storms, providing continuous protection against water damage.


Regular maintenance and timely replacement of your sump pump can prevent unexpected failures. Our team provides comprehensive services, from inspecting and cleaning the pump to installing new units. We emphasize the importance of a reliable sump pump system, particularly in areas prone to flooding, and recommend the best products to meet your specific needs.

Backup battery installation is a straightforward process that can offer peace of mind during the rainy season. MasterDrain’s professionals are skilled in integrating these systems with existing sump pumps, ensuring a smooth and efficient operation. By choosing our services, you ensure your home is equipped to handle whatever the Toronto weather throws at it.

Maximize Savings with City Rebates for Plumbing Upgrades

Toronto residents have the opportunity to save on plumbing upgrades through various city rebate programs. MasterDrain helps homeowners navigate these opportunities, providing expert advice on eligibility and application processes. Upgrades such as sewer backwater valve installation and the replacement of lead or galvanized pipes with copper can not only improve your home’s plumbing system but also qualify for rebates, making these improvements more affordable.

We assist in the entire process, from the initial assessment to the completion of eligible upgrades. Our knowledge of local regulations and rebate programs ensures that you can maximize savings while enhancing your home’s plumbing infrastructure. This approach not only benefits your immediate plumbing needs but also contributes to the long-term value of your property.

Investing in these upgrades can lead to significant savings on water bills and reduce the risk of costly repairs in the future. MasterDrain’s commitment to providing quality services extends to helping you take advantage of these financial incentives, making it easier to maintain a healthy and efficient plumbing system.

Sewer Backwater Valve Installation: A Preventative Measure

One of the most effective ways to protect your home from sewer backups is the installation of a sewer backwater valve. This simple device can prevent sewage from flowing back into your home during heavy rainfalls or sewer line blockages. MasterDrain specializes in the installation of these valves, offering Toronto residents a reliable solution to a potentially messy and expensive problem.

The installation process involves assessing the best location for the valve, typically in the basement where the sewer line exits the home. Our experienced plumbers ensure that the installation complies with local codes and standards, providing you with a secure and efficient backflow prevention system.

Regular maintenance of your sewer backwater valve is crucial to its performance. MasterDrain offers comprehensive services to inspect, clean, and repair these valves, ensuring they remain operational when you need them most. By installing a backwater valve, you’re taking a proactive step in safeguarding your home against sewer-related damages.

Upgrading Your Plumbing: From Lead or Galvanized to Copper Pipes

The plumbing materials used in older Toronto homes, such as lead or galvanized pipes, can pose health risks and reduce water quality. MasterDrain advocates for the upgrade of these materials to copper, known for its durability and resistance to corrosion. Copper pipes not only improve water pressure and quality but also contribute to the overall safety of your home’s water supply.

Our plumbers are skilled in the replacement process, ensuring minimal disruption to your home and daily routine. We assess your current system, provide a detailed plan for the upgrade, and execute the replacement with precision and care. This upgrade can also increase your home’s value, making it a wise investment for any homeowner.

The benefits of copper piping extend beyond improved water quality. They also include increased system longevity and reduced maintenance costs. MasterDrain’s expertise in this area ensures that your home benefits from the latest in plumbing technology, offering peace of mind and significant long-term advantages.

Expertise in Drain Locating, Replacement, and Repair

Locating drains accurately is crucial for effective replacement and repair. MasterDrain utilizes advanced technology and techniques to pinpoint the exact location of drains, minimizing the need for invasive exploration. Our expertise in this area allows us to perform precise repairs and replacements, addressing issues at their source.


Replacement of damaged or outdated drains is performed with minimal disruption to your property. We use durable materials that meet or exceed industry standards, ensuring that your new drains provide reliable service. Our repair services are equally thorough, addressing any issues from simple clogs to more complex structural problems.

MasterDrain’s commitment to excellence in drain locating, replacement, and repair ensures that our clients receive the highest quality service. Our goal is to solve your drain problems efficiently, effectively, and with the least inconvenience to you.

New Drain Pipes Installation for Modern Needs

As homes and commercial properties evolve, so too do their plumbing needs. MasterDrain specializes in the installation of new drain pipes to accommodate modern requirements, whether it’s for new construction or renovations. Our team works closely with clients to understand their specific needs, designing and implementing drainage solutions that are both effective and compliant with current regulations.

New Drain Pipes Installation

The installation of new drain pipes involves careful planning and execution, ensuring that the system is optimized for flow and accessibility. We consider factors such as property layout, usage patterns, and potential future needs to create a system that is robust and adaptable. Our expertise in modern plumbing techniques ensures that your property is equipped with a state-of-the-art drainage system.

Choosing MasterDrain for new drain pipe installation means benefiting from our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. We aim to provide drainage solutions that meet today’s standards and anticipate tomorrow’s challenges, ensuring long-term functionality and value.

The Importance of Building Trap Removal

Building traps were once a standard feature in Toronto’s plumbing systems, designed to prevent sewer gases from entering homes. However, these traps can cause drainage issues and are no longer recommended. MasterDrain offers professional building trap removal services, replacing them with modern backwater valves that offer better protection and efficiency.

Building Trap Removal

Removing a building trap improves drainage flow and reduces the risk of blockages. Our team is experienced in the removal process, ensuring that it is done safely and in compliance with local plumbing codes. The replacement with a backwater valve not only enhances the performance of your drainage system but also increases your property’s compliance with current plumbing standards.

Choosing to remove your building trap is a proactive step towards a more efficient and safe plumbing system. MasterDrain’s expertise in this area ensures that the process is smooth, with minimal disruption to your property and daily routine.

Advanced Diagnostic Tools for Unmatched Precision

The foundation of effective drain cleaning and clog resolution lies in accurate diagnosis. MasterDrain utilizes advanced diagnostic tools, such as video camera inspection, to peer into the depths of your drains and identify the exact cause of blockages. This technology is particularly effective in spotting issues like food particles that cause blockages or damage to your pipes that need to be repaired. Our drain technicians are skilled in using these tools to deliver precise, targeted solutions, ensuring we fix the problem right the first time.

In cases where traditional methods might not suffice, we employ hydro-jetting, a powerful cleaning technique that can clear drains of the toughest blockages. This method is especially useful for addressing clogged drains in Toronto’s diverse plumbing systems, from residential to commercial plumbing needs. Our approach combines these high-tech solutions with our plumbers’ in-depth knowledge to offer drain and sewer cleaning services that are a cut above the rest.

Why Choose MasterDrain?

Expertise in All Areas of Plumbing and Drain Cleaning:

Our professional plumbers in Toronto have the skills and experience to handle any plumbing issue, from emergency plumbing services to regular maintenance.

Advanced Diagnostic and Repair Techniques:

Utilizing tools like video camera inspection and hydro-jetting, we ensure accurate diagnoses and effective solutions.

Dedicated to Toronto’s Residential and Commercial Needs:

We understand the unique plumbing challenges of the Toronto area and offer tailored solutions for both homes and businesses.

Commitment to Quality and Customer Satisfaction:

Our goal is to address your plumbing and drain needs efficiently, effectively, and with the utmost professionalism.

At MasterDrain, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality drain and sewer cleaning services, ensuring that your plumbing system is in optimal condition. Contact us today to learn how we can meet your drain cleaning and plumbing needs, offering peace of mind and reliable service every time. Whether you need immediate assistance or are interested in our regular maintenance services, our team is here to ensure your drains are one less thing you need to worry about.

Comprehensive Solutions for Every Drain Need

At MasterDrain, our expertise covers a wide range of plumbing and drain services. From drain repair in Toronto to new installations, we handle every aspect of your drain needs with professionalism and skill. Our services are designed to address the specific challenges of plumbing in the GTA, offering solutions like drain cleaning, clogged drain repair, and more.

We pride ourselves on our ability to solve complex drain issues, leveraging our experience as professional plumbers to deliver results that last. Whether you’re dealing with a blocked drain caused by tree roots or the aftermath of food particles clogging your kitchen sink, our team has the tools and expertise necessary to resolve the problem efficiently.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our dedication to solving plumbing issues with precision and care. When you choose MasterDrain for your plumbing needs, you’re choosing a partner committed to keeping your drains clear and your property safe from the potential damage caused by clogged pipes.

  • MasterDrain offers comprehensive plumbing and drain cleaning services in Toronto, ensuring your system operates smoothly and efficiently.
  • Emergency solutions are available for rapid response to clogged drains, utilizing tools like drain snakes to minimize damage and restore functionality.
  • Advanced diagnostic tools, like sewer and drain camera inspections, enable precise identification and resolution of issues.
  • Drain repair services address issues from simple clogs to more complex structural problems, ensuring long-term system health.
  • Upgrading pipes from lead or galvanized to copper can significantly improve water pressure and quality.
  • Installation of backup battery systems for sump pumps and sewer backwater valves provides essential protection against flooding and sewer backups.

  • City rebates can offset the cost of plumbing upgrades, making them more affordable.

  • Expertise in drain locating, replacement, and repair addresses both current issues and prevents future problems.

  • New drain pipe installation meets modern needs, ensuring your property’s plumbing is up-to-date.

  • Building trap removal enhances drainage efficiency and complies with current plumbing standards.

MasterDrain’s dedication to quality service and customer satisfaction makes them a top choice for addressing Toronto’s plumbing and drainage needs. For more information or to schedule a service, contact us today.