Drain and Sewer Preventative Maintenance

The keys to a successful preventative maintenance of drain and sewer systems are regular attention and, pre-emptive steps to deal with problems, and proper construction. Effective maintenance yields multiple benefits: increased performance of the system, lower costs of operation, and a longer lifespan. A properly maintained system will carry outflows more efficiently, giving it greater […]

Battery Backup for Sump Pump Systems


Sump pump systems are often a last line of defence against basement flooding, and for that reason their reliability is key. A sump pump will need to predictably detect rising water levels in the sump well, and start in response. A primary sump pump systems, attached to AC mains power will generally be all that […]

Putting a Plug in the Dike: Interior Basement Waterproofing

Protecting a basement from water can be done from the outside, or from the inside. These are called “positive side” and “negative side” waterproofing, respectively.

Holding Back the Waters: Exterior Basement Waterproofing


Water is the enemy of your basement and its possessions, and sometimes it seems you need a miracle to keep it out. It has a lot of ways of getting into your basement.