Everything You Need to Know About Sewer Backwater Valve Installation

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As a homeowner, do you know if your sewer system has a  sewer backwater valve installed? Usually, when you flush the toilet or drain the tub, all that water goes down the sewer line that’s connected to your home and eventually out to sea. But there’s always a chance that your system could get backed […]

Replacing Old Clay Basement Drain Piping


Older houses often have clay basement drain piping installed beneath a concrete slab floor. These systems can go decades without problems, but when problems occur usually the best thing to do is to replace the old clay pipe. Why Replace Clay Drain Pipes? Root Infiltration Clay pipe is usually found in sections ranging from 12 […]

If your home is located in a high-risk flood zone

high-risk flood zone toronto

The City of Toronto is offering a one-time subsidy of up to $3400 to eligible property owners of single family, duplex and triplex homes. This subsidy is based on a first-come, first-serve basis and is specific to the installation in high-risk flood zone of Flood Prevention Devices; limited to: backwater valves; sump pumps; and severance […]

Excavating and Replacing Drain and Sewer Pipes


Problems with drain and sewer pipes can take a number of forms, and be solved in a number of ways, but in some cases the only remaining solution is replacement. Arriving at the need to replace piping is usually a process of ruling out less invasive options. In most cases, the decision to replace piping […]

Battery Backup for Sump Pump Systems


Sump pump systems are often a last line of defence against basement flooding, and for that reason their reliability is key. A sump pump will need to predictably detect rising water levels in the sump well, and start in response. A primary sump pump systems, attached to AC mains power will generally be all that […]

Preparing Drain and Sewer Systems for House Inspections


Building up to Code Making sure that a home’s drain and sewer systems is ready for and will meet Ontario Building Code standards for its materials and construction is a complex task that requires professional expertise of the sort Master Drain can offer. To meet these Code requirements, numerous construction materials and methods need to […]

Bathroom Snaking: Toilet, Sink, and Tub


Bathroom snaking plumbing fixtures is a very effective way of clearing blockages that are not far from the fixture itself, and in fact the vast majority of blockages are in this category. Typically, bathrooms have three standard fixtures: a tub/shower, a basin, and a toilet. Each of these three is capable of developing a blockage, […]

All About Plumbing Rebates in the City of Toronto

The City of Toronto has decided to give support to an assortment of plumbing projects that it considers highly important. In particular, the City offers partial rebates for certain measures that provide protection against basement flooding.

Pumping it Up: Increasing Water Pressure by Replacing the Water Service Line


Low water pressure in a home can have numerous, sometimes combined causes. Leaking pipes, a heavy demand on a shared service, altitude, closed valves, and faulty outlets are all potential causes. However, one of the major causes, and one that impairs the pressure throughout an entire system, is corrosion and blockage in the home’s water […]