Our Professional Plumbers Drain & Sewer Experts are Fully Licensed and Insured

We specialize in residential and commercial drain repairs, drain cleaning services and water pressure problems in Greater Toronto Area. We also service damaged pipes and drains caused by tree roots and will investigate to see if you are entitled to a rebate from municipality for such work.


David in LeasideToronto
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Really Want To Deal With These People!

Experiencing a sewer back up, Vitaliy sent a repairman out within 90 minutes. He promptly cleared the sewer pipe. Diagnostics revealed roots had clogged the sewer drain. We scheduled work to remove the blockage and install a valve to prevent future sewer back-up. This was professionally and carefully done. Vitaliy did all the paperwork for us to receive the $1200 City of Toronto rebate. Around this same time we discovered water dripping into the basement from a previously faulty installation of a new kitchen. Within a day a plumber came and worked under very cramped conditions to repair it, saving us having to cut a hole in the adjacent bathroom to repair it. All work is reasonable priced and the level of expertise and professionalism is unmatched. Finally, because traps in older sewer lines outside the house are a constant risk for future problems, we have contracted him to remove the trap and replace with new pipe. We were so lucky to contract with Master Drain and Water Works and recommend them to you without reservation.
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Clay Pipe Replacement - Absolutely Hassle-Free

Our old clay pipes were broken and causing backups inside our home, we called Master Drain & Water Works and they quickly and tidily took care of the problem for us - it was a big job and we were not inconvenienced at all because of their expertise. Removing sections of our driveway, replacing with all brand new pipes, making recommendations on how to troubleshoot for future problems, they were friendly, professional and TIDY. Put everything back the way they found it. Highly highly recommend.
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Could Not Be More Impressed!

I could not be more impressed with Vitaliy’s service. So professional. We had a backwater valve and he took care of everything - permit, rebate. House spotless. My husband and I could really not be more impressed. We will use him in the future for all our plumbing needs.