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Blockages in drains can be removed in numerous ways, but snaking is a perhaps the most effective and versatile. Unlike using chemicals to dissolve a blockage, it’s fast, and unlike using a plunger it can work to remove blockages far from the access point. Snaking can also remove difficult blockages that will not move readily with a plunger.

Blocked Toilets

Blocked toilets are the most frequent sort of clogged plumbing people experience. Typically the toilet blockage is very near the bowl, and the problem can be solved with a domestic toilet plunger. At times however the blockage is beyond the siphon bend in the toilet and a typical toilet plunger cannot exert the direct force needed to dislodge the blockage. At other times the blockage might be caused by something inappropriate that has been put down the toilet: hard objects, string-like materials, plastic bags, etc.

In these situations the blockage might also be properly removed by drawing it upwards from the toilet, rather than flushing or pushing it further down, as a plunger does. In these cases, a toilet auger or toilet snake is the right tool. A toilet auger will work to remove blockages near the bowl; a toilet snake will reach further into the plumbing.

The same tools that can unblock toilets can be used for household drains, whether sink drains, floor drains, or laundry drains. Drain augers and drain snakes are essentially the same as those used for emergency toilet unblocking. Blocked drainage pipes are often dealt with fairly easily with these tools.

Clogged Sewers

Pipe blockages in sewers can present a greater degree of difficulty and are usually handled by professional plumbers using industrial-grade equipment. A blocked sewer main or main drain line clog can be intractable without a specialized sewer snake. These devices are driven by powerful electric motors as manual devices lack the torque to do the job.

Sometimes a main sewer line clog is located far from easy access, and such pipe blockages can also be material that is hard to dislodge or remove. Professional plumbers also have tools for high pressure flushing, and can inspect sewer lines using remote cameras.

Whether the blockage is in a toilet, drain, or sewer, emergency drain unblocking becomes a high priority immediately. Apart from being inconvenient, clogs of whatever sort can also lead to damage as flows back up and flood. Contact Master Drain to solve your sewer clogs, drain blockages, and toilet snaking needs.

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