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As a homeowner, do you know if your sewer system has a  sewer backwater valve installed? Usually, when you flush the toilet or drain the tub, all that water goes down the sewer line that’s connected to your home and eventually out to sea. But there’s always a chance that your system could get backed up. A heavy downpour can clog the sewer line, filling your home with some truly disgusting fluids. But instead of hoping for the best, you can protect yourself from sewer buildup by installing a backwater valve on your home’s sewer line.

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How Does the Sewer Backwater Valve Work?

A backwater valve is a simple attachment that prevents sewer water from going back up the pipes and into your home. During a heavy downpour, the local sewer lines can get clogged with rainwater, which means all that sewer water will have nowhere else to go but back the way it came. But that won’t happen if you have a backwater valve in place.

When the sewer line fills with water, the backwater valve will cover the side of the pipe that leads to your home, so the sewer water can’t get through. The rainwater will eventually drain, and the sewer water will make its way through the system like it’s supposed to.

The sewer backwater valve consists of a small plastic flap with several small inflatable attachments. When the rainwater rises, the inflatables will raise the backwater valve, forcing it to seal shut. When the rainwater recedes, the backwater valve will return to its normal position, allowing sewer water to flow out the drain.

What the Installation Process Looks Like

Ideally, the backwater valve will be installed during the initial construction phase of a home, as many municipalities require this. But you can still sign up for backwater valve installation in Toronto and Mississauga even if your home has already been built. You might need a permit from your local municipality to install the backwater valve on the sewer line. You’ll also need to hire a professional backwater valve installation company. They’ll need to dig up the ground around the sewer line or cut through the concrete if the sewer line is located under your home’s foundation.

Some municipalities offer generous grants and subsidies to help homeowners like yourself install backwater valves. This helps the community stay sanitary because there’s not a bunch of sewer water spilling into people’s homes and backyards.

If you’re looking for a company that provides backwater valve installation in Toronto and Mississauga, you can contact the professionals at Master Drain. We’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week in case of emergencies. If your home starts to fill with sewer water, call Master Drain right away to stop the problem at the source.

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