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The Region of Peel is now offering a Downspout Disconnection Rebate Program in your area. Disconnecting your downspouts may help protect your home from future flooding and reduce the risk of basement flooding in your neighbourhood. Rebates up to a maximum of $100 per home are available for approved disconnections.

The rebate is available until June 30, 2016. Downspout disconnection will become mandatory for homes built prior to 1975. In the future, homes with downspouts that remain connected to the sewer system may be subject to fines.

A Sanitary Backwater Valve Rebate Program is also available to homes in Peel who have experienced basement flooding. This program provides eligible homeowners with a rebate of up to $700 for the installation of an approved backwater valve. This rebate is available until Dec. 31, 2015.

Backwater valves can be an effective way to stop wastewater from backing up into your basement, but they’re not suitable for all homes.

Before you apply, be sure that a backwater valve installation is the right decision for your property.

Consider that:

  • A backwater valve must be installed by a licensed professional. Installation is expensive and complex.
  • Even when a backwater valve is installed correctly, basement flooding might still result from water sources other than the sanitary sewer.
  • Backwater valves require ongoing maintenance.

Downspout Disconnection Rebate

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Additional details on Rebates and City Programs

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