We have all had the unfortunate experience of witnessing a clogged toilet at some point in our lives. It is smelly, it is messy, and let’s face it…not one of the most visual appealing sights you will ever see. Whether this happens at a friend’s place, restaurant, coffee shop or in your own home, a clogged toilet is the most called about plumbing emergency in the industry. Again, the reasons and remedies for this are numerous in nature, so it is important that you exhaust all options of repair before contacting the professionals.

Perhaps the most common cause of toilet blockage? Paper build up or improper use. Too much toilet paper at once, sheets that are too thick, or using alien objects in toilets (paper towels for example), are all responsible for clogging toilets from time to time. Fortunately, these issues do not require schooled knowledge or years of skill/experience in order to be reversed. A basic toilet plunger is the tool of choice for most jobs, as often the solution is simply pushing down or removing the blockage through suction.

If the problem lies within the main sewer of your home, then more drastic measures need to be taken. Getting a qualified, experienced plumber involved to carry out the task of unclogging your system is now mandatory (and required by city law). Tampering with your sewer system can have some very serious side effects, which is why Toronto specifies that this work is only to be carried out by licensed professionals. The rates for this kind of service will vary from plumber to plumber, depending on several factors (severity of the issue, time of day, time of week, etc), but you can expect a quick response and fast, quality work from the team at MasterDrain.