Emergency Frozen Water Pipe Repair in Toronto and Mississauga

The residents and business owners in Toronto, ON and Mississauga, ON are fully aware that the winter season can become extremely cold. In fact, it can become so cold that pipes in many residential buildings will freeze. In mid-January 2019, the city of Toronto received more than 200 calls from city residents who had no water. It is believed that 90% of these instances were caused by frozen pipes.

During the winter, few things are worse than losing access to water. This is why homeowners in Toronto and Mississauga need to know how to prevent their pipes from freezing. These homeowners should also know what to do in case the pipes do freeze.

Preventing Water Pipes From Freezing

To prevent their pipes from freezing, homeowners need to think ahead. One thing that a homeowner can do is raise the temperature of the home. This is optional during the day; however, all homeowners should do this at night.

Another thing that homeowners can do is leave their kitchen cabinets open throughout the day and night. This will expose the pipes to warm temperatures and minimize the chances of them freezing.

What To Do If The Water Pipes Freeze

After a pipe has frozen, the homeowner has to act quickly and stay calm. The homeowner won’t be able to make helpful decisions if he or she is acting rashly. Take a few deep breaths, count to 10 and face the problem confidently.

Secondly, the homeowner needs to be sure that the pipe is actually frozen. If the pipe is starting to bulge or has a thin coat of ice or frost on it, the pipe is most likely frozen (or in the process of freezing).

How To Fix a Frozen Water Pipe

Before doing any thing, there is an essential step that homeowners need to make sure they take. The homeowner needs to turn off the water supply to the home (or, if possible, just the area that is frozen). This is because the ice is potentially acting as a plug for the excess water in the system and it should not be allowed to build up further.

There are a handful of ways that a homeowner can fix a frozen water pipe. The homeowner can place a space heater near the frozen water pipe. This will increase the overall temperature of the room and force the ice to melt.

The homeowner can also wrap the pipe in thermostatically controlled heat tape. This may be a bit of an investment; however, it is worthwhile.

Frozen water pipes are a unique issue, and they require a fast response time and strong decision-making skills. Homeowners that don’t feel comfortable doing this should get in contact with the professional water pipe repair team at Master Drain. These professionals are extremely reliable; and they can also provide an environmentally friendly service. The best part is that they are also a clean and cost-effective service.
For more information about how to prevent and deal with frozen water pipes in Toronto and Mississauga, be sure to get in contact with Master Drain. You can contact us online, or call them today at 416-910-3599