We’ve all been in a position where we needed a product or service after hours, and have been left seething and frustrated by the lack of accommodation. Many plumbers in Toronto claim to operate 24/7, but when you are up to your knees in water at 3am, your call is often greeted by a voicemail message or seems to go on ringing eternally with no answer. You are then left with two options, and neither one of them are good. You can A.) try to fix the problem yourself (which generally serves to make matters worse), or B.) Try and soak up and contain as much water as you can before morning.

At MasterDrain, we offer authentic 24/7 plumbing services, so we’re there when you need us most. You get to talk with an actual human being who can determine your best course of action, not some impersonal recording on a machine. We are very particular in the way we conduct business, and employ only the best tradesmen to work on your home. All plumbers on staff, are licensed, professional, experienced and customer service oriented, providing the type of service that will give you peace of mind. Our fully stocked service vans are ready to go at a moment’s notice, so make sure to add our number to your list of emergency contacts!

MasterDrain also offers several additional services on top of our top-quality plumbing, including drain inspections (with camera), waterproofing, and many more. We also have the tools and machinery to perform quick and precise excavation services, in the event that access is required to your main septic tank.

So if you’re in a bind and need fast, professional plumbing in a hurry, contact the team at MasterDrain!