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A sump pump is a part of a full system of flooding protection for basements. In itself, a sump pump will assist in keeping a basement dry, especially if a part of the basement is below the water table. When coupled with a backflow prevention valve, a sump pump will give greatly increased security and dryness.

Backflow preventers and sump pumps address different (though potentially related) causes of flooding. Backflow prevention will stop water rising up from beneath the basement floor through the sewer system; a sump pump will assist a basement’s weeping tile system in preventing water entry through a building’s foundation, although a sump pump might also help with more general basement flooding (However, in that case a problem already exists)

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Instead of just dumping the new sump pump there, they fixed the problem and charged a very reasonable fee for the additional work. Very easy to work with and over a good person. Highly recommended.
Michelle from Toronto

I was impressed by how quickly a quote was generated and the work scheduled, They are very knowledgeable and took time to answer all of my questions. Very nice and professional.

Together with sump pump , foundation perimeter drain sister and back flow valve, I feel my house can survive a flood of biblical proportions!!!
Will in Toronto